Tank of the Month - February 2006

WMAS - Tank of the Month
Dion & Alice Richins

125 Gallon

75 gallon

65 gallon

29 gallon

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Hi, Future Tank of the month WMAS member! Thank you for allowing us to showcase your tank on our website. To assist you in your write up, we have compiled a list of things to consider:

1) Your name, location and occupation. Include how long you have been an aquarist, how long you have been a WMAS member and how you heard of our club.
Dion and Alice Richins
Finish Contractor
How long have you been in the hobby?
5 years
How long have you been a member of the club?
Since April 2005
How did you hear about the WMAS?

2) Describe your tank. Acrylic or glass? Size in dimensions and gallons. How long has it been set up?
Acrylic / Glass:
Size in gallons:
Age: (how long has the system been running)
1 year

3) Describe your lighting system, including your photo-period. Add what you would change if you could.
3 x 175 w MH (two 14k’s and one 15k) 3pm – 8pm
4 x 4’ VHOs (2 super actinic 10am-11pm, 1 actinic white 11am-10pm)
Moon lights
Sump: 24x7

4) Describe your filtration system. Include: How deep is your sand bed, plenum, your skimmer size and model and how long you run it, your circulation pumps (how many and their size in gallons per hour), your sump/refugium including Reverse Daylight, biowheels and skilters, HOT systems, clean up crew.
200lbs live rock including Utah rock (self-harvested)
5” of crushed coral/Utah sand
Sump: 8” of crushed coral/Utah sand/Miracle Mud (came from several different tanks), variety of algae
2 x 1200gph return pumps each to scwd
2 x 600gph power heads in tank for movement at feeding time.
ASM Skimmer, Phosban reactor,18w UV sterilizer

5) What are your maintenance techniques? Include water change schedule.
20% water change every 2-3 weeks

6) What additives do you use? Kalkwasser, Strontium, Molybdenum, Iodine, Magnesium, Other
Calc/Alk every week or so
Iodine/iron/magnesium every once in a while

7) Describe your feeding philosophy. Include your schedule, and what you prefer to feed your system?
Nightly…mysis,cyclopeez,emerald delight
Weekly…flake (spira)

8) DIY ie, Calcium reactor, stand / hood, skimmer, sump, ect. Any Do-it-yourself items of interest? Web-sites that you may have referenced?
Stand, hood, sump

9) Stand and Canopy
Knotty Alder
Special Characteristics:
Reeded glass with mirrored backing

10) Items of interest: Favorite or unusual Fish, coral, or invertebrate

Favorite Fish:
several 3+year old fish (GSM, Clarkii, yellow tang, lawnmower blenny)
Favorite Coral:
Plating corals and blastos

11) Can you include a table showing your elemental levels of Ca+, alkalinity, S.G., temperature, pH and other interesting testables?
Only test if there is a problem

12) What experiences and challenges have you had with the tank? Any lessons learned? Is there anything you do differently than others (or differently than previously)? If so, why?
Current tank…relatively easy with the club’s help (Mark,Adam)
Before the club, several crashes of the 60g tank

Next time…Bigger tank

Other tanks..
65g reef (29g refugium)
75g seahorse (20g refugium) almost ready
29g clown tank (10 g refug) Used to belong to Adam Blundell
2.5g mini-reef (2 baby cardinals) on my desk
12g Reef (Kindra’s tank)
12g planted freshwater tank

*You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the presentation.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat you can download it free from www.adobe.com.  For best results save the documents to your local computer by right clicking on the file you want to download a select "save target as...".