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October 2008 Meeting- Reef Tour Hosts

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Topic: October 2008 Meeting- Reef Tour Hosts
Posted By: Adam Blundell
Subject: October 2008 Meeting- Reef Tour Hosts
Date Posted: October 05 2008 at 2:39pm
For those who were hosts during the Reef Tour the WMAS put on a special thank you pizza party.  This event featured Marc Levenson giving a presentation on "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" of aquarium oddities.  Marc covered good critters, but focused on pests and problems found in reef aquaria.
I took many notes on this, but honestly it is pages of information.  So instead, for this meeting recap I'll just say visit - for information on all sorts of critters.
Marc has agreed to follow this thread for the next 7 days.  So if you have questions please post them here.

Seaquest Banquet

Posted By: melev
Date Posted: October 05 2008 at 4:31pm
I see the signature line drama has begun.  :lol:

Here's some information to help you along.  My Identification page covers many types of livestock, and at the base of each category's page, you'll see some predators discussed. -

Remember, turn off your pop-up stopper so you can click on the images to get a little information about each creature.  Some windows have links to extra images so you can see the same object in different situations.

We talked about Red Bugs, which are very easy to treat for: -

We talked about Acropora Eating Flatworms (AEFW), which are a big challenge for SPS lovers: -

We talked about Red Planaria, the regular rusty flatworms people spot in their tanks from time to time: -

When it comes to nuisance algae, such as some of these: -

GHA: Diadema urchins, Snails
Bryopsis: Kent Tech-M, even syringing an area of the plant (all flow turned off) to burn it
Cyano bacteria: no lighting for 3 days, chemical solutions, Sea Hare possibly

We talked about watching for bad snails, nudibranchs and more, some of which are listed on this page specifically: -

We also discussed quarantining all new arrivals, including a simple Interceptor 'dip' (if you call 12 hours a dip) in a quarantine tank to knock off possible hitchhiker redbugs. 

I have a theory that Interceptor might even work against Ich, but don't know if it actually will do it or not.  If you have an ich-infested fish and have Interceptor on hand, give it a shot and let me know if it helped.  My vet theorizes that that medication will only last 24 hours once it is soluable, so either you'll see results by the next day or you won't.  I'd love to get any feedback you can provide, good or bad.   And remember, the meds are reef-safe (except to crabs, shrimp, and pods).  Fish aren't affected adversely at all.


Visit - Melev's Reef

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