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HOLY CRAP !!! Was FRAGSTOCK Unbelievable or What?

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Topic: HOLY CRAP !!! Was FRAGSTOCK Unbelievable or What?
Posted By: BobC63
Subject: HOLY CRAP !!! Was FRAGSTOCK Unbelievable or What?
Date Posted: April 07 2011 at 10:53pm
Did you see how jam-packed crowded it was in there?  You could hardly move!
And all the vendors... all the corals... all the fish and  inverts...?
Huge success.... HUUUUGE SUCCESS!!! ClapClapClap
I had a blast and got to see so many of my WMAS friends -
I took some photos which I will upload a bit later - right now I got a bucketload of corals, clams, and cleanup crew I gotta go acclimate Big smile

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Posted By: Josh95
Date Posted: April 07 2011 at 10:59pm
I got some blue hornets =D Wish I packed more cash for some campfires.
That was awesome, "the aquarium" display was freaking AWESOME. I expecially loved all the chalices.
I posted a picture display in photography if you want to share pics there too.

Posted By: saltlaketank
Date Posted: April 07 2011 at 11:10pm
It was definitely worth stopping by. We brought home a nice haul.

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Posted By: Shade
Date Posted: April 07 2011 at 11:39pm
We had a blast, its always great to see such a large turn out at our gatherings.  Thanks so much for all the effort that was put in by the presidency and all of our vendors! Clap

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Posted By: CapnMorgan
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 12:53am
Thanks for stopping by everyone! We had a blast putting it together! I know I came home with some SWEET corals!

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Posted By: Adam Blundell
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 1:10am
That was a lot of people.  Holy Crap!



Posted By: Turbostud653
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 1:41am
Thanks for everyone who helped out.  A thanks goes out to all the vendors for making  this a great event.

Here is what a customer said while on hold Oh my gosh! Did you open the door? I told you not to open the door. Dre is in here completely naked and he's got freak'n Macaroni and Cheese in his hands.

Posted By: jwoo
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 9:18am
WOW! That was awesome. Thanks to all our members who braved the snow and came out anyway! The turnout was more than we had hoped for. The vendors were all very happy and we hope you were too!

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Posted By: Jeremyw
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 9:36am
HOLY COW that was so amazing! Thanks to everyone that came out, that helped get it going, and most of all the VENDORS! Great stuff from all!

Next meeting:

Posted By: griffith
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 10:01am
Good Stuff Thumbs Up

Posted By: DanhNgo
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 10:07am
I got a bunch of good stuff. I'm lucky that the frags are so small that my wife doesn't notice them yet. LOL They are really awesome zoo. Thanks again for a good time, good friends and good people.
See you on the Reef Tour.

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Posted By: ptronsp
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 1:47pm
We also had a great time. We were able to snag up some great zoas that we otherwise would not have snagged. It was a great time and it was great to see so many great friends.
 Thanks for everyone for putting together a great event. Clap

Posted By: BobC63
Date Posted: April 08 2011 at 8:45pm
Here's the pics:

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Posted By: BobC63
Date Posted: April 09 2011 at 12:06am

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