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Frag Grow Out Competition

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Printed Date: July 22 2018 at 8:36am

Topic: Frag Grow Out Competition
Posted By: pilotx44
Subject: Frag Grow Out Competition
Date Posted: October 04 2015 at 1:33pm

So in California. there is a pretty cool thing going on that has got a lot of people excited and working together and getting involved. We did a frag grow out competition and are competing with frags of Miami hurricane chalice, single eyes. They were cut by a local store, and we paid around 10$ each, and the winner gets a pool pot of money. I think it would be a great thing to do here to get some involved. HERES HOW IT WOULD GO:

First, we decide on a good coral that grows and frags fairly so someone doesn't end up with an early lead, like a colony of birds nest, Maybe like a nice neon green or other color. Something not super easy to grow, but not too difficult like acros that don't do well in lower end tanks. Eventually, the club should be able to buy the colony,  and the profits should go into the next coral.

Second, we find a store to do the fragging for the club, who would order the colony, or buy the colony for the club. I would suggest a store in salt lake area so notherners and southerners can participate without having a 3 hour drive to do so. I would recommend Reef On as a convienient location.

The store would then cut the frags into equal and fair sizes, such as 1/4 in chunks of the branch. They would glue them to special marked plugs to make sure no one cuts their own colony up. And would then let them heal for a week or so to make sure they are fairly doing well and not bleaching.

We should have around 20-30 pieces, or even more to make it interesting and worth it. We would be able to buy a frag that we chose for $10 or $15, friends could also pick up pieces for others in case they cant make it.

We would then divide up the money as follows, $5, or half, would go to the club to fund the next coral to frag. The other half , or 5$ would go into a pot of money, That pot would be in the form of a gift card to the store who did the fragging, so they can recoup their costs and time, yet give the winner a great prize. We could even do 5$ to the club, 5$ to the pot, and 5$ to the store so its fair for all.

If all goes as planned, the winner could walk away with a $100-300 gift card to the store who frags! this would be fantastic for both the winner and the store. And as an added bonus, you get a pretty descent frag even if you don't win! and can sell it off after if you already have that coral. THE MORE PEOPLE THAT PARTICIPATE, THE BETTER!!

We would then do a post on Facebook or something easy so every week everyone posts a picture of their coral to check how it is doing and make sure all is fair. So far the club in California has had great success and had got people involved and interacting. It would also be interesting to compare notes on how corals did when they grew, like under what paramaters did they do best, or even worse.

The comp would go for about 3-4 months, and a group of random people would judge the winners when it is over. The frags would have to be brought to a meeting and all put into a tank where they can be judged on both growth but also color. If their is a growth tie, best color could win, as who likes a half bleached coral because it was grown under too intense lighting? This could happen for every other month or so, to keep corals coming, and keep people interested.

So this is my idea to the club to keep things going and try something new! we could do like 3-4 corals a year to make it fun, but not something that everyone has. Let us know what you think! Lets make this fun!

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Posted By: 1973Ford
Date Posted: October 04 2015 at 1:51pm
Sounds like a good plan I would try it

Posted By: redleader
Date Posted: October 04 2015 at 2:58pm
I would recommend even a bit of a alteration to this.

Make it part of a membership package.

I would gladly pay an extra $60.00 at the beginning of the year to participate and have a frag "reserved". the frags could be picked up on the monthly meeting on said month, which would bring more people to the club meetings...

Even it is just a coral of the quarter and I can go pick it up ...  it would allow for some awesome corals to be shared.

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Posted By: pilotx44
Date Posted: October 04 2015 at 3:34pm
That's a good idea. Maybe between now and January, we could have the presidency figure something out with a store, and have 4 corals that they plan to use and post them up in December for 2016. We could then Post up when those would be available for pickup at meetings or stores for the year and when they will be judged. May be able to prepay to get the first corals in. Maybe we could do a test run for Novembers meeting. Start it then, and judge in February. The first of four frags for the year can be at the frag fest in January.

54 gallon rimless mixed
EA sump
1 year running

Posted By: reefer86
Date Posted: October 06 2015 at 10:17pm
That'd be cool! I like the idea of picking the corals up at frag fest.

Posted By: Marcoss
Date Posted: October 06 2015 at 10:44pm
Sounds awesome. I'd love to try it. Do you know how they measured the chalice growth I California? Seems a bit tricky since the chalice can grow in shapes impossible to calculate. Or they did it by eyes I assume. Just curious.

I would love to see how the top growers did. Such as if they fed the tank, used amino, etc.

If you cannot find a store I can do this too. I'm not a physical store but sell corals and have access to any coral. But I'm in American Fork (Utah County)

I thin a chalice would be fun or a zoa. Acans are easy like zoas but grow so slow. With chalices you can see them encrusting and know they are growing.

Or SPS but they have a conation for being super hard. Which many are but I'm sure someone has an easy SPS that has been in captivity for years.

Thanks for sharing!


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Posted By: ReefAddict
Date Posted: October 07 2015 at 11:50am
We would be very interested. 

Will work for frags.
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