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Printed Date: July 18 2018 at 4:31am

Topic: Hello
Posted By: pigwrestler
Subject: Hello
Date Posted: October 20 2016 at 11:54pm



My name is Chris Saunders I am a science teacher at Venture Academy located in Marriott-Slaterville or some people might know it better as north Ogden. We are a charter school that uses expeditionary learning. A major portion of our curriculum is integrated into long-term, deep study of topics. We call these long-term studies Learning Expeditions. We use the term “expedition” metaphorically. Lewis and Clark went, not on a trip, but an expedition--an incredible and unforgettable journey in which they met challenges, solved problems, and arrived at a destination that seemed unattainable.  Using the term “expedition” in the phrase, “learning expedition,” adds the sense that this learning experience will not just be a "lesson", or a "unit" to cover.  It will be instead a deep, wide, and engaging learning experience that may take anywhere from several weeks to several months to accomplish. 

         For being a relatively small middle school, Venture’s 6th to 8th offers an impressive array of elective offerings that give students the opportunity to pursue their interests.  They also provide teachers with opportunities to teach courses in which they have a particular interest.  Teachers often make use of local resources (nature, experts, and fieldwork) to enrich the experiences.

         As stated in the previous paragraph we as teachers get to teach courses that interest us as teachers. I have been keeping some sort of aquarium throughout my life both salt and freshwater aquariums and I just taught an elective that I called “Tanked” in which the students got the opportunity to learn about setting up aquariums, this term they got to set up a 80 gallon freshwater planted tank.

         As fun as it was setting up this tank not all the students got to be involved and so for my next term that I teach this I would like to do smaller tanks so that each student would get a chance to be involved. The next time I would be teaching this will actually be in January and I want to focus just on Marine aquariums in particular reef tanks as the students will get a better understanding of a ecosystem in a new light. I would like to get  8 2-3 gallon tanks that I could have the students set up with easy corals and a fish or shrimp. For this process we can bring in experts to teach the students better then I could about lighting, water quality, substrate, and so on. So in conclusion I would like to ask and see if anybody could help in any way be it your time to come and talk to the students and be an expert or if you have a small tank/ fish or coral lying around that you are not using or want to rehome and would be willing to donate it to a worthy cause. I know that this is far away but I thought I would put it out there so if any of you have any ideas for me to go about this that would be amazing.



Chris Saunders

Posted By: Adam Blundell
Date Posted: October 21 2016 at 8:55am
Great ideas. I'm sure others will chime in, but message me in January.


Club Barbecue

Posted By: SharkByteShaz
Date Posted: October 21 2016 at 9:36am

WELCOME! I like the way you're thinking. I would like to to talk with you personally about the tanks, sooner than later if possible, (801)675-7235.

Doug Sheppard

No my tire isn't flat, the other 3 just swelled right up, "Here's your sign". BE

Posted By: pigwrestler
Date Posted: January 17 2017 at 3:00pm
Hello again,

 Since my first post I have been very impressed by the responses that I received and how many of you were willing to help. I have also been able to team up with a great organization called (" rel="nofollow - ) and Lance Graham.This program looks at setting up saltwater aquariums looking at clownfish and their role in the reef ecosystem. They do this within schools to help educate our students and the community of how we can help in making our aquarium hobby more sustainable and help in the conservation of these species as well as other organism that live in coral reefs.  At this time we are hoping that with" rel="nofollow -  and the community we can set up a 30-55 gallon tank. What we are in need of at the moment is an almost complete setup. This would include the following:

Tank (30+ gallons)



Overflow Kit (Bulkheads need to be in great condition)


Power Heads (Multiple)


Lamp (T5 or LED)

Skimmer (with or without pump)

Hose & Piping (1.5 in PVC if possible)

Auto Top-off

Rock & Sand






 Maintenance Supply:

            Scrub Brushes


            Paper Towels


            Filter Socks

If you have any of these items it would be greatly appreciated and you could contact Lance and he will set up a time to be able to get these supplies from you.

Lance Graham

(702) 573-8381" rel="nofollow -

Thanks for your time,

Chris Saunders


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