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Frag Contest Check-In #3 (12/15/16)

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Category: Events / Club Info
Forum Name: Frag Grow-Out Competition (NEW)!!!
Forum Description: All Information and Discussions about the clubs new Frag Grow-out Competition
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Topic: Frag Contest Check-In #3 (12/15/16)
Posted By: PharmaSki
Subject: Frag Contest Check-In #3 (12/15/16)
Date Posted: December 16 2016 at 8:37am
Contestants have until the end of the day Friday, December 23rd to complete and answer the following.

1. Please post a current picture of your frag.

2. Have you tested your water recently? (i.e. calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, nitrate, phosphate, nitrite, ammonia, salinity, etc.)
For each test completed please share your results. (If tested multiple times, please share
the date you tested and what your results were.)

3. Do you use a filter sock? How often? How often do you change your filter sock?

Yes, I'm a Pharmacist.
No, the blue lights at my house are not growing "pharmaceuticals"...

Posted By: christhjesus
Date Posted: December 16 2016 at 12:52pm

I have not tested since last update.  If I test before the cutoff date of this check-in I will give an update.

I have never used a filter sock.  I figured why have one more thing I have to tend to since I tried to automate as much as I could, because I am lazy.

Late update(26 Dec 2016) I will also add this to the next update.  Checked these today

Alk: 8.1

Ca: 420 Gave a large dose 2 days ago and today increased auto doser a few more ml per day.

Mg: 1340

Phosphate: .16

Nitrate: 1

Iodine: .06

Iron: 0  Will be adding iron tomorrow.

Potassium: +467 Read off the chart, going to water sample to LFS tomorrow for confirmation." rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: Reefer4Ever
Date Posted: December 16 2016 at 8:57pm
This is pretty short and sweet. Parameters have been steady as she goes until I left for a work trip this week and in 4 days I manually carbon dose vinegar daily. This is a necessity due to the amounts I feed my tank of 18 fish and well over 80 corals. My amazing wonderful loving wife forgot to dose for 4 days (could you tell I am worried she will read this) anyways I digressed po4 was 1.8 when I tested and no3 was at 5. These numbers are kept as close to 0 as I can. They are back on the mend but the algae it in full force which tells me I have been walking a tight rope with feedings. I am going to bring my alk upto around 9 over a week to see if that helps with the algae. Current parameters as of today at 6am are as follows:
Alk 7.5
Calc 420
Mag 1300
Po4 0.04
No3 2
Temp 24hr average 78.2
Salinity 1.026
I use a filter sock always helps keep the sump clean, changed every 3 days tops
Increasing the light period has shown additional growth with my sps although it's a fine line with little to no shade in my tank to keep all my lps and zoas/palys happy. This is the challenge of reefing I love to hate. Hope that helps anyone or not. The growth seems very consistent week in week out. The third pic was taken the following day under full whites.

90 gal reef w/refugium
24 gal softie tank
11 gal nano anemone tank
5 gal fresh water

Posted By: MadReefer
Date Posted: December 17 2016 at 6:46pm

No filter sock.

Posted By: HumuHumuForever
Date Posted: December 23 2016 at 1:21am

Po4 - 0.08
SG - 1.026
Mg - 1260
Ca - 380
KH - 9.1

Po4 - 0.07
SG - 1.026
Mg - 1260
Ca - 380
KH - 9.1

I do use a filter sock and I change it out twice a week.  My system is still fairly young and I'm always amazed at how much gunk I pull out every time, perhaps as things stabilize I can switch to not using one but for now I think it's helping a bunch.


Posted By: evan127
Date Posted: December 23 2016 at 11:00am

Calcium - 450ppm
Alkalinity - 9.5dKH
Magnesium - N/A
Nitrate - 2ppm
Phosphate - N/A
Nitrite - N/A
Ammonia - N/A
Salinity - 1.0265

3. I use filter socks 24/7 currently, although I am thinking of eliminating their use from my system. I change the socks every 3 days.

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