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Q2 2017 Frag Grow out Competition!

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Forum Name: Frag Grow-Out Competition (NEW)!!!
Forum Description: All Information and Discussions about the clubs new Frag Grow-out Competition
Printed Date: July 18 2018 at 6:03am

Topic: Q2 2017 Frag Grow out Competition!
Posted By: Krazie4Acans
Subject: Q2 2017 Frag Grow out Competition!
Date Posted: April 26 2017 at 11:00am
The Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society
Q2 2017 Frag Grow Out Contest

Introduction: The concept is pretty much straight forward, a challenge to see who can grow out a  coral faster than anybody else.
How to Play: The frags will be available on a first come first serve basis starting at the WMAS May meeting on May 4th at the Rose Garden Building Sugar House Park (1601 East 2100 South Salt Lake City, UT). Each participant will be required to fill out a short application form giving information about the system where the frag will be placed. If you cannot make it to the May meeting to pick up a frag we can still put you on the wait list to pick up any remaining frags not claimed at the meeting.

Price:   $10 for WMAS Members
            $15 for Non-Members
The Coral: Special thanks to WMAS Presidency member Dennis Wimett for donating this awesome colony of Honey Digitata. This colony is a great starter SPS and does well in many different conditions. This specific colony has shown at least three different color variations under different lighting. Let's see who can get ti to grow the quickest and if we can add additional color variations to it's list!

Mother Colony

Colony grown from mother in different tank.

Frags ready and healing.

The contest will end in August and prizes will be given to the winner at the September meeting.

Feel free to ask questions and stay tuned for further details. Check the frag grow out rules thread for any changes or updates to the rules for this round!

Posted By: HumuHumuForever
Date Posted: May 04 2017 at 12:04pm
I'm very excited to see this one start up and see how everyone's frags do.

So who's coming tonight to get a frag?!


Posted By: Krazie4Acans
Date Posted: May 04 2017 at 12:17pm
I'm in! Gotta give changes to my tank a good test run!

My ocean.
90g (yup, won it!), 40g, 28g, & 10g Systems
PADI Advanced Open Water" rel="nofollow - Tank Thread:

Posted By: HumuHumuForever
Date Posted: May 05 2017 at 1:16am
Spring 2017 Frag Grow Out is ON!

We've still got frags for anyone that was unable to attend the meeting and would like to participate.  They will be distributed on a first come basis, so if you're interested let me know and get em soon!

You can PM me here on the forums or send me a text at 512-608-3919 and we can work out the best way to get you the frag ASAP.

For everyone else that already has their frag, get on over to the kick-off check in thread and post a pic of the frag in your tank.  I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone's frags grow out!


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