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The 180 from Hades

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Printed Date: September 26 2018 at 1:14am

Topic: The 180 from Hades
Posted By: BADM
Subject: The 180 from Hades
Date Posted: May 24 2017 at 6:34pm
Hello Everyone,

I thought that we should probably start a thread for our tanks for several reasons.  A couple would be: 1. To have a reference of the just how old the tanks really are.  2. So we know when we got the fish and corals. 3. (but not least) So we can share the ups and downs of this hobby with everyone else.  Because this tank has definitely had its ups and lots of downs... hence the name.  

So lets talk about the name for a second.  "What's in a name..." This name, Eddy might not approve of but up until about 3 months ago... I hated this tank.  Hated!  Nothing could or would go right, as you will see in the pictures and stories to follow.  Get some popcorn ready. 

Lets start off with aquascaping.  Eddy put me in charge of that and gave me some ideas.  That afternoon I had it done and by the next day it looked like the picture below.  Anyone tried to do rods to secure artificial rocks? We will probably never do that again because it was a fight the whole time and then it didn't even work for us.  Congrats to those who are successful with rods! 

After a couple weeks we finally got the lights on and water in the tank.  The best part?  The water stayed in the tank!!! But that is all we had to look at for the next 2-3 months until it ready for coral of fish.  Stern Smile So as Tom Hanks in the movie The Terminal says, "I wait."

The posts to follow will be stories of the ups and downs of this tank.  Trying to play catchup for the last year and a half is going to take a minute.  Feel free to ask questions along the way.  Any setup questions will probably be answered by Eddy.  Why?  Because he picked it out.  LOL 

Posted By: BADM
Date Posted: May 24 2017 at 7:03pm
Here is another story/update.  Eddy really will be posting about the setup I promise.  The first things that entered into the tank were fish.  A watchman goby and a clown tang which was later taken out due to its aggressive behavior.  We have other tanks, those threads will come later, so we decided to transfer a pair of clowns, a hippo tang, and a beautiful 5 in sail fin that we got from dmower.  All were getting along swimmingly and surprisingly the sail fin was very gentle and quickly got the name Gentle Ben.  Yes we name fish.  Just like the hippo is named Frank.  The three that we got before this one were called Dory, named by our neighbor kids, and all died.  So we named it Frank and so far so good at that point.  More stories about Frank later.  

Corals started to make their way down from the upstairs tanks, we had 3 upstairs at that point, and the tank was coming together nicely.  Then the algae came in and took over like a weed.  Lights went out for the next couple of days and some yellow tangs came in along with a purple tang.  No one messed with Gentle Ben but the other tangs beat the snot out of each other for a day or two.  Never the less, none ate the algae.  The tank was then put on hold due to Eddy having knee surgery.  

One day while still recovering and being on crutches, I found Eddy and I driving to a guys house who was taking down his tank.  Huge chalice pieces where coming home and a couple stay critters.  Shocked  I can't say it wasn't awesome having those chalice pieces in there but that is a lot of work for one person to do so that tank was still on the neglected list a bit. Things were looking up though and the tank wasn't too far from looking good.  Little did I know what was about to happen next with this tank.  Stay tuned.

Remember... This is the good, the bad, and the ugly on this tank.  I'm sure we have all been at this stage sometime in our tank lives right?

The clowns we got from A Reef Oasis and they were my favorite pair.  We have since added around 5 pairs of clowns to our tanks. 

Chalice Heaven!

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