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My New 24G

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Printed Date: July 16 2018 at 12:34pm

Topic: My New 24G
Posted By: JD_Duval87
Subject: My New 24G
Date Posted: June 20 2017 at 5:14pm
Hello everyone! As some of you know i purchased a used 24 gallon jbj, and did some mods (yeah right) to the lighting system. I decided to do a long cycle on it before stocking it up. So here we go:

After cleaning the tank/filtration/ect with some vinegar and alot of elbow grease i got it pretty clean, forgot to take a before pic but it was filthy.

I decided to do a deeper sand bed, why? Cause... lol

I aquascaped about 30 different times, still don't care for it now, but once corals are growing i think it'll look better. I also went to Home Depot and purchased two 2in black T pvc fittings and put them in the sand under the rocks, so in the back there is are 2 hiding placed for shy fish once i get them.

Then after about 2 weeks of thinking and researching i figured it was time to put my AI Sol Super Blue in... but i thought I'd have to cut the top of the lid... NOPE! i literally took everything out from under the lid. I got out my dremel and cut all the silos where screws went and ect. Completely removed the original lights, fans, everything. And on the jbj there is a plastic cover between the original lights and the water so no water touches the lights, which was perfect cause my ai fit in perfectly!

Here's the lid and under the lid

I am going to use the original screws that come with the ai sol and put holes in the lid itself and attach the screws through the lid for extra strength just as a "just in case" type of thing.

Posted By: shaggydoo
Date Posted: June 20 2017 at 10:10pm
Looks like a great start. I think the rockwork will really look good with some life on it.

60g LPS Cube

Posted By: JD_Duval87
Date Posted: June 22 2017 at 6:58am
Thanks. I believe so also.

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