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ORP and Ozone?

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Printed Date: October 20 2018 at 6:47pm

Topic: ORP and Ozone?
Posted By: redleader
Subject: ORP and Ozone?
Date Posted: December 18 2017 at 3:17pm
I'm considering adding Ozone to my system.

I just bought a reef keeper and have the orp probe.

Who all uses Ozone and do you monitor ORP?

Is there a link on the best practices for using Ozone and monitoring ORP?

I've read a bunch of articles explaining the science behind orp, and recommended orp levels of 300 - 400.

what have you seen, and does your overall system seem to benefit from ozone, and how do you keep the ORP levels stable.


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Posted By: Krazie4Acans
Date Posted: December 18 2017 at 3:29pm
I haven't personally run Ozone but I know people that have. I would never run Ozone without an ORP probe. Ozone has a tendency to "run away" and can crash your tank quite easily. The only way to monitor if this is happening is with an ORP probe.

I don't have all the specifics on it but I've read enough and been around it enough to know not to try  Ozone without ORP.

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Posted By: Hogie
Date Posted: December 18 2017 at 4:31pm
I run ozone and I really like it. I've been running it for about a year. I don't run it 24,7 though, but more sporadically. It for sure helps keep the water clearer and I haven't had any fish disease since starting it either (but I run a full quarantine as well.) I do monitor ORP and have alarms set for if it ever gets out of what. My biggest complaint with the ozone is the skimmer smell. The air discharge line connects into the skimmer to help dissipate the ozone. The make the skimate stink REALLY REALLY bad. It makes normal skimate smell lie air fresheners. I could smell it upstairs (tank's in the basement.)
So, now I have an air tight skimmer collection cup with only 1 air release hole in the top and that has 3 inches of carbon on top of it to filter out the smell. Now I don't smell it at all!

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