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Tons of stuff for sale

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Printed Date: June 19 2018 at 6:09pm

Topic: Tons of stuff for sale
Posted By: Reefer5640
Subject: Tons of stuff for sale
Date Posted: June 11 2018 at 3:34pm
I’m trying to downsize to one tank and a couple qt’s. This is everything I’m trying to get rid of;

75 gal mixed reef drilled with refinished stand and canopy. Comes with sump, return pump, and T5 lights in canopy, wave maker, power heads, ATO. 75 pounds of live rock. Bunch of corals and more.

30 gal softy with stand. Comes with stand, sump, ATO, wave oscillator, PC lighting, HOB overflow with siphon loss prevention vacuum pump, DIY skimmer, mini dual stage canister/media reactor, about 30 to 40 pounds of live rock and about 25 lbs of live sand, and tons of leathers, zoas, palys, mushrooms, green and purple star polyps, Xenia, anthelia, and anemones. Also comes with clown, damsels, and CUC

65 gal acrylic with integrated overflow with stand and sump. Wave maker and power heads, skimmer, 65 pounds of live rock, some coral, and more...

55 gal drilled with stand, t5 lights, and sump. 55 pounds of live rock. Power heads with flow oscillator.

Live rock curing system- three 27 gal totes plumbed together with return pump. Currently has live rock ready to go. Has been seeded with copepods and amphipods and is under light so is truly live rock and could start up a system instantly without much of a cycle. Lace rock, Fiji, pukani, Tongan shelf and branch, two bins of live oolite sand

I have a bunch of other stuff I’m selling separately. See pic and make me an offer. There’s a 4 stage RO system, large frag rack, apple AirPort Extreme router to extend your network wirelessly to you tank for an Ethernet port, Kalk reactor, lighting fixtures, t5 bulbs, t5 ballasts, unopened copper test kit, and more that I’m not thinking of.

I’d like to sell the tanks together but I’ll part them out if I they don’t sell as a complete system. Make me an offer on any of this. I’ve also got a bunch of coral colonies and frags. I’ll add pics of everything as I have time.

Sorry if the pictures are screwed up I’ll try to fix them later. PM me or text me if interested 385-233-1116

30 g softie, 30 g frag tank, 65 g HT/QT, 75 g mixed reef, 55 g FOWLR, 75 g live rock curing tank, & a 120 gal consolidation build in progress

Posted By: Reefer5640
Date Posted: June 12 2018 at 10:56am
Green hairy mushrooms rock. About 20 mushrooms. The rock is about 8” across and 4” tall. I was thinking somewhere around $50. I paid $15 for one mushroom when I bought the first frag

30 g softie, 30 g frag tank, 65 g HT/QT, 75 g mixed reef, 55 g FOWLR, 75 g live rock curing tank, & a 120 gal consolidation build in progress

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