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Moving Sale! Fish/LR/Softies

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Printed Date: March 25 2019 at 4:09pm

Topic: Moving Sale! Fish/LR/Softies
Posted By: Chevmaro
Subject: Moving Sale! Fish/LR/Softies
Date Posted: July 06 2018 at 9:02am
Hey folks, we are moving in a couple weeks and I don't want to have issues with my fish.  It may be a couple days before we are able to settle in to our new house.  Below is a list of things I need to get rid of in the next two weeks.  Please let me know if you are interested.

  • Yellow Tang (medium) - $sold
  • Sailfin Tang (medium) - $Sold
  • Aptasia eating File Fish - $Sold 
  • Proven champ.  Eradicated my aptasia in a couple days.  Careful though, he also eats torch coral.
  • Black and White Clowns, Pair.  (Small) - $sold
  • Couple green chromis - $sold
  • Foxface - $sold
  • Finger leather $sold
  • Ricordea and Zoa rock $sold
  • Xenia $15
  • Xenia $sold
  • Xenia $20
  • GSP $10
  • GSP $25
  • GSP $sold
  • Mushrooms $20
  • Mushrooms $sold
  • Toadstool leather $sold
  • Kenya Tree $sold
  • Fiji Leather $sold
  • Green Button Polyps $sold
  • Live Rock $1 lb
I would like to sell rock and coral then fish.  Or at least some of it.  The fish have too many places to hide and are impossible to get out.

My wife is also listing somewhere on facebook.  Text her if you are interested, i'll try to keep this thread updated.  801-792-9158.

Posted By: broncobilly
Date Posted: July 06 2018 at 10:45am
Ill Take the Black and White Clowns pair!

Denver Broncos #1

Posted By: Devaji108
Date Posted: July 06 2018 at 11:12am
any softies?

Posted By: Chevmaro
Date Posted: July 07 2018 at 7:02pm
Leathers, Zoas, GSP, Xenia.  GSP and Xenia is over grown.

Posted By: Zack801
Date Posted: July 07 2018 at 9:02pm
Interested in sailfin pm sent

Posted By: Chevmaro
Date Posted: July 08 2018 at 12:56pm

Posted By: Chevmaro
Date Posted: July 08 2018 at 2:28pm
PM's replied, post updated.  If you are interested in anything left, come over.  Text the wife(number listed above).

Posted By: Chevmaro
Date Posted: July 09 2018 at 8:00pm
shrooms, xenia, gsp, live rock.

Posted By: ajkochev
Date Posted: July 11 2018 at 8:22am
Texted your wife.  Interested in Mushrooms and possibly a small piece of LR.

Tank: .5 Gallon Pico

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