WMAS Upcoming Meetings
Thursday, February 2rd, 7:00 at the Rose Garden House (see bottom of page for directions)

Annual WMAS Winter Banquet

Tickets will be available SOON. This always sells out FAST. Please make sure that you purchase ASAP or you will not get a spot as space is limited!

Ticket prices have been reduced to $20 each, a savings of over 30%.

This year We're very lucky to have Ken Nedimyer joining us from Coral Restoration!!!!

If you aren't familiar with them check out their site http://coralrestoration.org/CRF/index.php

And here is a video you may want to watch http://vimeo.com/9031714

Thursday, January 6th, 7:00 at the Rose Garden House (see bottom of page for directions)


Come support the WMAS and go home with some awesome frags.  We will have hundreds of  frags to chose from including Acropora, Zoanthids, Acans, Softies and more. Most frags will sell for $10 each!!! (Half price to members.)  Come visit the biggest frag sale in the state.

Donations are welcome, (we can always use more coral,) and those who donate will be allowed first shot at the frags.

Purchase your 2011 membership online or at the meeting to get your frags for half price.

Announcements are subject to change.  Please check back before each meeting.
Meetings are open to everyone - you DO NOT have to be a member to attend! 
All Meetings are free unless noted otherwise.

The Rose Garden House at Sugar House Park..

DIRECTIONS:  From 1300 East and 2100 South (the Sugarhouse area on I-80 near Shopko and Red Lobster).  Drive East up 2100 South like you are going to enter Sugar House Park.  As soon as you pass Sugar House Park, and BEFORE you reach Highland High school you will see the little building on the right hand (south) side of the road.  Got that?  It is between Sugarhouse Park and Highland High on 2100 South.    Just pull on in to the parking lot.  The address is about 1600 East and 2100 South.  Easy parking, easy freeway, and in the middle of town.