Reef Tour 2004
Aaron George Aaron has a 75 gallon reef tank containing mixed hard and soft corals under Metal halide lighting. Three anemones host a pair of spawning Maroon Clownfish (Premnas biaculeatus). The Sump and filtration equipment (calcium reactor, skimmer, etc.) is plumbed through wall.
Arthur Whittaker The tank is 4' long, 2' high, 18" deep, and built into the entrance wall of the home. You see one side as you enter the house and the other side when you enter the office thus effectively making it two tanks. This tank has many anemones, soft corals and the live rock is constantly changing thanks to the very large cat fish that makes his home under the rocks and makes them always fall this way and that way. It has about 12 fish comprising of a very large sail fin tang, a large yellow tang, four green chromis, a very large cat fish, three different clown fish and misc. other fish. It has two twenty gallon tanks in the bottom of the stand. The stand was custom built by Arthur in his work shop and features scroll saw figures of sea horses on the front and at the intakes of the fans.
Glenn Bronson This 150 gallon tall aquarium with a Refugium is home to coral and fish that were rescued from other tanks.
Bruce Ewald There are two great tanks to see at Bruceís. The 125 gallon reef has various soft and hard corals, as well as a variety of fish. To the other extreme, see the 10 gallon reef with 2 anemones and 2 clown fish.
Corey Kruitbosch Start by viewing the soft coral 55g aquarium. Well, mostly soft corals w/ tons of beautiful polyps! Also, a mated pair of high fin cardinals, green chromis, black and white clown. All under VHO lighting. Then see the 60g cube tank that was just started (ALL FRAGS!). SPS only. Everything has started out very well and everything is just starting to encrust and grow.. also has a 10g frag tank tied into the same system. Halide and T5 HO lighting
David Tea There are three beautifully stocked aquariums on display. The largest, a 300 gallon acrylic tank is home to many species of coral and fish. A recently added carpet anemone adorns one side of this large aquarium. The aquascaping of this aquarium is as impressive as its size. Also located in this room is a 75 gallon glass aquarium that is home to a mated pair of tomato clownfish. The pair recently spawned and a new clutch of eggs is easily visible.  There is also a 30 gallon aquarium on display. This aquarium houses many fish and inverts including a small lobster.
Ferrell Spackman This is a 70 gallon aquarium with an assortment of hard and soft corals. The tank is lit with 330 watts of light consisting of a combination of power compact and very high output (VHO) bulbs. The custom made oak tank stand and matching canopy complete the display. The filtration system on this tank utilizes a unique turf scrubber filter and refugium.
Jason Grange System includes a total bulk volume of 140 gal.  This incorporates a 55 gal show tank filled with coralline lavished Live Rock and  a great variety/mix of very colorful and healthy corals  The tank is dominated primarily by sps corals that have been collected from many places (including the last WMAS frag swap).
Mark Nuttal This monstrous 270 gallon tank takes up 7 feet. Itís only 9 months old, but has lots of fish and corals. Beautiful large Tangs in this spacious tank give it an air of open sky comfort. It's a truly beautiful reef.
Mark Peterson Mark has a 75 gal in the window that gets a lot of light from the Sun. It is attached to a 20 gal RDP Refugia and a 40 gal shallow, coral fragging grow-out tank. Most of the Live Rock and Corals are home grown. The clam graveyard in this tank is not nearly as impressive as the 5 live clams. The 9 inch clam is very striking and Mangrove trees grow in the Refugium. Main tank Lighting is VHO Fluorescent with dual Metal Halide soon to be added to the existing unique hanging light hood.
Ross & Carolyn Bagshaw This 180 gallon all glass aquarium is a must see for anyone close to North Salt Lake. Ross and Carolyn have spent many hours composing this aquatic masterpiece, a truly magnificent feast for aquarium lovers everywhere. It is lit with four 6' VHO fluorescent lighting for a variety of large soft coral, including a HUGE Mushroom Leather Coral. This tank is naturally filtered, with 2 power heads in the corners to provide a slight, gentle wave in the water, and a sump below.
Shane Heil The corals are quite literally growing out of the water inside this 120 gallon aquarium. It is filled with a large assortment of hard and soft corals. Over 60 different coral species adorn the rock work of this beautifully aqua-scaped mini-reef.