February 2005 - Tank of the Month
Jeff Page

 Check out the PowerPoint presentation on Jeff's tank by clicking here!

1) Your name, location and occupation. Include how long you have been an aquarist, how long you have been a WMAS member and how you heard of our club.

Name: Jeff Page
Location: West Jordan , UT.
Occupation: Electrical Superintendent
How long have you been in the hobby? 11 months
How long have you been a member of the club? 9 months
How did you hear about the WMAS? Through other sites on the net

2) Describe your tank. Acrylic or glass? Size in dimensions and gallons. How long has it been set up?

Acrylic / Glass: glass
Size in gallons: 55
Dimensions: 48” x 13” x 18”
Age: (how long has the system been running) 11 months

3) Describe your lighting system, including your photo-period. Add what you would change if you could.

2- 250 watt 14k metal halides.
Sometimes I wire in actintic!
The lights come on at 9:00 am, off at 9:00 pm

4) Describe your filtration system. Include: How deep is your sand bed, plenum, your skimmer size and model and how long you run it, your circulation pumps (how many and their size in gallons per hour), your sump/refugium including Reverse Daylight, biowheels and skilters, HOT systems, clean up crew.

I have a 1 5/8” plenum covered with 2” of special sea floor grade sand covered with 4” of very
coarse shells rocks etc. 3 maxi-jet 1200 power heads hooked to a Red Sea wave maker. The return
pump is a Mag 7, wom brothers 75 cu protein skimmer with a 300 gph pump . My sump light is on
24/7 which seems to keep the ph stable. I try to keep 30 assorted snails and 20 hermits at all times.

5) What are your maintenance techniques? Include water change schedule.

I don’t do a lot of maintenance! Add top off water every morning by hand, weekly 5% water change
and clean the glass when ever it looks bad.

6) What additives do you use? Kalkwasser, Strontium, Molybdenum, Iodine, Magnesium, Other

Bionic 2 part and Kent buffer to adjust the alk.

7) Describe your feeding philosophy. Include your schedule, and what you prefer to feed your system?

When it comes to foods I have everything and I don’t use any of it regularly! I do feed the fish everyday and the corals twice a week.

8) DIY ie, Calcium reactor, stand / hood, skimmer, sump, ect. Any Do-it-yourself items of interest? Web-sites that you may have referenced?

My sump/ refugium is a plastic container 18 gallon. I hang out on 3 sites WMAS, captive reefing and

9) Stand and Canopy

Wood: oak
Color: oak
Special Characteristics

10) Items of interest: Favorite or unusual Fish, coral, or invertebrate

I love every thing in my tanks! I really don’t have a favorite coral but my wife’s favorite is xenia ( oh
boy). My favorite fish is my copperband! He loves to have his picture taken and is always in the way!
Just like my pug named Bugzy. Basically they are both a pain in the butt!

11) Can you include a table showing your elemental levels of Ca+, alkalinity, S.G., temperature, pH and other interesting testables?

I test very rarely! My corals tell me if I have a problem

12) What experiences and challenges have you had with the tank? Any lessons learned? Is there anything you do differently than others (or differently than previously)? If so, why?

One of the most costly mistakes was not deciding what animals I wanted to keep. Hence upgrades in
lighting and filtration. Listen to other club members because they have a vast knowledge of this
hobby. The greatest experience is the members of this club!!! If you need them they will be there to
help out and they are all so giving. WMAS ROCKS