Tank of the Month - February 2007

WMAS - Tank of the Month
Gahlen Fridley

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Hi, Future Tank of the month WMAS member! Thank you for allowing us to showcase your tank on our website. To assist you in your write up, we have compiled a list of things to consider:

1) Your name, location and occupation. Include how long you have been an aquarist, how long you have been a WMAS member and how you heard of our club.
Gahlen Fridley
Lake Point, Utah
Application Developer
How long have you been in the hobby?
FW 15 years, SW 13 months
How long have you been a member of the club?
13 Months
How did you hear about the WMAS?
Internet Search

2) Describe your tank. Acrylic or glass? Size in dimensions and gallons. How long has it been set up?
Acrylic / Glass:
Lee Mar Glass
Size in gallons:
90 gallon
Age: (how long has the system been running)
7 Months

3) Describe your lighting system, including your photo-period. Add what you would change if you could.
8 24w T5. 4 actinic, 4 daylight 10k and 150w 20k MH. Actinic come on at 7:00am and go off at 9:00pm. Daylight come on at 8:00 am and go off at 8:00 pm. MH come on at 1:00 pm go off at 6:00 pm. Current satisfied with lighting setup.

4) Describe your filtration system. Include: How deep is your sand bed, plenum, your skimmer size and model and how long you run it, your circulation pumps (how many and their size in gallons per hour), your sump/refugium including Reverse Daylight, biowheels and skilters, HOT systems, clean up crew.
3 inch sandbed in tank. 2 inch in refugium. Skimmer is Euro-Reef modified RS135. Runs 10 hours. Calcium reactor is MRC-1 which is on full time. Circulation pump is Mag 12 with Seio 820 and Maxijet 600 in tank. Refugium is reverse daylight. Standard cleanup crew with serpent stars, tiger cucumbers, snails and hermit crabs.
5) What are your maintenance techniques? Include water change schedule.
Clean Skimmer weekly or as needed and 10% water change bi-weekly.

6) What additives do you use?
Kalkwasser, Strontium, Molybdenum, Iodine, Magnesium, Other
Calcium reactor only.

7) Describe your feeding philosophy. Include your schedule, and what you prefer to feed your system?
Alternate flake and frozen mixture. Frozen mixture is gulf shrimp, brine shrimp, cyclopeeze and coral food cubes. Freeze dried phyto used daily for direct feeding in conjunction with live bbs. Schedule is morning and evening.

8) DIY ie, Calcium reactor, stand / hood, skimmer, sump, ect. Any Do-it-yourself items of interest? Web-sites that you may have referenced?
DIY topoff with Kent float and water detection circuit connected to topoff water solenoid.
9) Stand and Canopy
Wood: Maple
Special Characteristics:

10) Items of interest: Favorite or unusual Fish, coral, or invertebrate

Favorite Coral:
Favorite Polyps:
Favorite Sponge:
Favorite Crab:
Favorite Clam:

11) Can you include a table showing your elemental levels of Ca+, alkalinity, S.G., temperature, pH and other interesting testables?
Ca � 500 KH � 12 S.G.- 1.023 Temp � 77.9 +- .3 pH � 7.9 � 8.1

12) What experiences and challenges have you had with the tank? Any lessons learned? Is there anything you do differently than others (or differently than previously)? If so, why?
Number one thing, if it ain�t broke don�t fix it. I subscribe to the KISS principle. Keep it simple stupid. Patience is a major factor and things happen slowly unless it is bad! I don�t think I do much different than others I like macro algae in my display and most don�t and for that reason I don�t have tangs.

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