October Tank o' the Month

  This 120 gallon all glass aquarium is a must see for all Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society members. Ross and Carolyn have spent many hours composing this aquatic masterpiece, a truly magnificent feast for aquarium lovers everywhere. It is lit with 8 power compact fluorescent lights which give a very natural glow to highlight his gorgeous green florescent mushrooms. This tank is naturally filtered , with 2 power heads in the corners to provide a slight, gentle wave in the water, and a sump below.

   Ross has been a fish enthusiast for 5-6 years. Ross and Carolyn are remodeling their front room, so as an added bonus, they are getting a new tank! Their new tank will surely be a beautiful site to see! Stay tuned for details...

  If we had a contest of outstanding members, Ross and Carolyn would easily win the Nicest, Sweetest Couple Award. Ross always has time to share his knowledge ( and sometimes, his livestock) and is always accommodating with requests. Carolyn is so sweet, even sweeter than her wonderful pastries. We are very lucky to have such a cute couple as outstanding members of our club for over 4 years.

Thanks, Ross and Carolyn

 We really appreciate all you do for the WMAS!

The Pictures are big so please be patient.