November Tank of the Month
Kirk Talbot's
Reef Tank

If you like variety and intense colors in a reef aquarium, you will love this month's tank. Kirk Talbot shows his artistic mastery with this incredible underwater garden masterpiece. The combination of clams, small polyp stonies, gorgonians (just to mention a few) is breathtaking.

This magnificent 120 gallon glass aquarium is lit with a combination of VHOs and metal halide lights. Kirk's filtration system consists of a deep sand bed and a sump, which resides in his basement. The result is a very quiet presentation of wonderful aquatic artistry. Kirk has a fish room in his basement, complete with a frag tank.

The Wasatch Marine Society has been fortunate to have Kirk as our librarian. Kirk has been instrumental in getting some really great new additions to our collection. Thanks, Kirk!

Kirk has opened a new specialty shop: REEFSAVER. It's a home based business. Kirk is personally responsible for going to the coast and hand picking the best corals for us, and making sure they are well handled during transport. REEFSAVER can be contacted through

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