December Tank of the Month
Terry Boncada's 55 gallon reef

  If you have ever vacationed in Hawaii, December's Tank of the Month will thrill you! Terry Boncada, a WMAS member for more than a year, is lucky enough to travel there for his career. He has collected these wonderful specimens with his own hands, and brought them back to the mainland for all to enjoy.

   Terry's 55 gallon aquarium has only been set up for 6 months, but already it is filled with incredible bio-diversity and life. His VHO lighting system enhances the exotic look of underwater wildlife. His filtration consists of a bio-wheel, a skimmer, and a plenum underneath a 5 inch deep sand bed which incorporates live sand imported from Hawaii.

   Terry's finned specimens; including Clownfish, Yellow and Naso Tangs, and a Royal Gramma, love their aquatic water garden. The plating Montiporas, Terry's favorites, grow like weeds in this tank. It is truly a site to behold!

Terry Boncada,
Thanks for sharing this wonderful masterpiece with us!