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JULY 11th 2015
11 AM 
270 e and 500 s Downtown SLC
Tank Elements and More!! 
BY Jon Finch
A few things we'll probably talk about:
Ever wonder what the optimal wing loading of the Snipe is at near FAI limit winds? oh, wait wrong group...
Ever wonder why pH swings from day to night in your tank?  Is there anything you can do about it?  Or does it even matter?  What is seawater?  Should I care about calcium?  WTH is up with dKH, meq/l, ppm CaCO3?
A few things we'll probably not talk about:
What should I feed my fish?  Is brand X the best salt mix?  What kind of lighting should I use for SPS?  What's up with Adam and why does he need a smaller speedo?  Am I worthy to lift Thor's Hammer?
It's odd, but I'm probably a stranger to most folks reading this... I apologize for leaving for so long.  There was a time when I camped on this board Embarrassed.  About 6 years ago we built a new home, left my old reef to the pirates and had ambitions to build a big new reef tank.  Unfortunately life got in the way and I've been separated from my reef since.  Anyway, I know you'll have a good time if you come out.  And I know many hate the thought of discussing chemistry, but I guarantee it'll be low key and casual.
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Rose Garden Building 

Sugar House Park

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Salt Lake City, UT