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About the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society (WMAS)
The Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society (WMAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the hobby of marine aquarium keeping. We believe in conservation of coral reefs by promoting captive breeding and propagation of marine creatures and developing natural marine environments for our specimens. We promote responsibility and education of marine hobbyists. We have a monthly meeting featuring guest speakers, events, raffles, and fun (click here to see our upcoming events). We also feature a periodic newsletter call the Sea Star with informative articles about the marine aquarium hobby.

Membership is only $26.00 per year.
You can now pay your membership online by click on the link below:
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If you would rather not pay online you can pay your membership dues at any of our meetings or by contacting the current WMAS president by clicking on the Presidency button to your left.